Thursday, 22 March 2012

Handcent SMS Vs, Go SMS Pro

 Handcent SMS

  •  The interface of Handcent gives an excellent compromise between prettiness and simplicity. Although the main theme is based off the iPhone, it’s not exactly identical, and it does a good job of walking the line between performance and functionality. The navigation within menu options, when displayed, are sensible and easy.
  • Handcent also has a lot of features such as built-in skins, security via PIN or pattern, and a very good message scheduler. In addition to this, it’s possible to access “Handcent services” special features such as e-cards, group SMS and an online inbox to which you can save messages.
  • Handcent requires Android 1.5 or newer.

Go SMS Pro

  • Go SMS Pro is fully free and is one of the best looking SMS apps available anywhere. This is due to clear, easy to use theme support that is paired with customization that gives a live preview . While you can decorate the other apps here, Go SMS Pro is the  easiest to customize. Within a few minutes you can download a cool theme that looks great. 
  • There’s  a group of features  found here,such as a message scheduler, a Facebook chat plugin and security via both PIN and pattern input. I also found the ability to swipe between different messaging screens the folders, messages and plugins sections refreshing.
  • honestly, the only problem found with Go SMS Pro is The interface buttons at the bottom aren’t self-explanatory and a bit small. The menu options are also heavy and confusing.



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